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Mohair fibre is obtained from the fleece of Angora goat, originally from Anatolia. The fleece of this animal is made of wool fibres: the most precious hair is long, between 12 and 25 centimetres, slightly curly and bright like silk. Usually in a very bright silver white, sometimes it may be ash-grey, rosy, brown or black. The animal is carefully shorn twice a year and each exemplar supplies on the average 1.5 kg of wool; the hair spinning operation depends on the age of the animal because the quality of the hair changes while the animal gets older.

The fibre is classified on the base of its length and fineness, which usually varies between 24 and 60 micron depending on the age of the goat. The fleece of the young ones (Kid Mohair) is the more precious with an average fineness of less than 24 micron; the fibre of the kid mohair is used for high quality products like outerwear, while the fibre of older goats usually serves to produce carpets and blankets. Today, South Africa is the major producer of this fibre, with nearly 60% of the world production, followed by the United States and Turkey.


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